Talking about our work at the Rollins College Student Resource Center, Florida, USA

To all new tutors and writing consultants:

BEFORE Monday 8/24 @ 7 p.m. (when our first common training starts), go to and take the VARK learning style inventory (called the questionnaire on the website).

When taking it, remember that you can check more than one answer. We’ll spend some time processing this information in groups on Monday night, then applying it in triads.

There are so many ways to get at how we all learn differently.   The VARK (Visual, Aural, Read/Write & Kinesthetic) is pretty good for being such a quick one, and since it’s on the internet, you can also recommend it to the students you work with.  We have a handout up here in TJ’s that summarizes the help sheets on the website.  Take a look at those, to see if you agree with the results of the test.

Write down your profile (I’m a V, but pretty multi-modal (using all) as well).

Here’s a sampling of items in the quick questionnaire:


I like websites that have:

a. interesting written descriptions, lists and explanations.

b. things I can click on, shift or try.

c. audio channels where I can hear music, radio programs or interviews.

d. interesting design and visual features.

Remember a time when you learned how to do something new. Try to avoid choosing a physical skill, eg. riding a bike. You learned best by:

a. written instructions – e.g. a manual or textbook.

b. watching a demonstration.

c. listening to somebody explaining it and asking questions.

d. diagrams and charts – visual clues.

You have to make an important speech at a conference or special occasion. You would:

a. gather many examples and stories to make the talk real and practical.

b. write out your speech and learn from reading it over several times.

c. write a few key words and practice saying your speech over and over.

d. make diagrams or get graphs to help explain things.


Comments on: "VARK learning style inventory…for crash on Mon. 8/24" (1)

  1. After taking the VARK questionnaire, the scores tell me that I am a multimodal learning with an emphasis on Reading/Writing and not far behind as a Aural and Kinetics learner. I feel this questionnaire reveals me well as to what kind of learner I am. I do very well reading chapters and taking notes, then reviewing them. However, there are instances where I would like to actually do the task to learn or to hear someone tell me what I need to know. I would recommend anyone to take this questionnaire to help them find the best ways they know how to learn.

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