Talking about our work at the Rollins College Student Resource Center, Florida, USA


Here’s where you can access info about our spring 2008 projects: Who’s doing which ones, what each is thinking and doing. EACH PROJECT HAS ITS OWN SUBPAGE —–>(Look to the right!)

Add comments at each subpage and admins will add that info onto the page.The sub-pages are in this order:
1. Rollins Tutoring Code of Ethics–Christian BIO, Aimee BIO, Joel CHM, Carly BIO

2. Effects of Honor Code on tutoring (& writing consulting?) Charissa ANT, Yahaira FRN

3. Form(s) for professors to evaluate tutors–Charissa ANT, Shannon SPN & WC, Nolan ANT, Tiffany ECO & WC, Becca BIO, Margaux MAT, Laura BIO

4. Learning style & question signs/posters for the HUB--Skylar MAT, Pri CHM & ANT, Allison ARH

5. Revise client evaluation forms, the 1/2 page and/or 1-question forms–??

6. Locked bookshelves in the HUB–organizing, maintaining: Monica ECO, Rachel ENV, Julian SOC

7. Reasons for visit revisions in TutorTrac: Heiti ECO, Tanisha JPN & WC, Graham POL & WC

8. Help with specialty training materials–??

9. WPRK shows, Fridays from 12-1 Trevor Swanson PHI (on PRK staff), Buck INB, Paul ECO, Allison ARH, Becca HBR & SOC

10. R-Fridays PR lunchtimes at Campus Center Allison ARH

11. Authorized Collaboration Joel BIO, Margaux MAT, Christian BIO, Aimee BIO

12. Rollins Tutoring Web Site revisions–Dani PSY, Jonathan CMS

13. WordPress blog help–Marcela CHM, Dani PSY


Comments on: "projects!" (2)

  1. shannon1029 said:

    I know this isn’t one of the current projects, but I’d really like to see some changes to the tutoring form that we fill out during sessions (the three-part one). Every time I fill it out, I think, “It would be really nice if _______ were different.” Two things specifically jump out at me:

    1. Putting a little box for “required visit” on the form like the one on the Writing Center form. If the box isn’t there, I don’t ask, and I’m probably not the only one.
    2. Making the “preparing for” on the right hand side correspond with what’s in TutorTrac. As it is, you can select “homework,” “a paper,” “a test,” or “other.” I frequently wind up checking “other” and writing underneath “mastering course concepts,” which is a category you can select on TutorTrac. I think it would be good for the two to have the same (or similar) categories.

    Anyway, these are preliminary thoughts. I wonder if anyone else has suggestions for improving the tutoring form? Or maybe I’m just hard to please. Oh well.

  2. I think it’s a great idea to match the “reasons for visit” on TTrac to the “working on” categories on the form. Yeah. The form predated TutorTrac, though there have been modifications over the years. Here’s another one.

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