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Why Tutor?

Honestly, I had never even thought about the possibility of tutoring until I received the e-mails telling me I’d been recommended by my professors. Being the strictly individual learner that I am, plagued with the need to write things down in order to commit them to memory, I had never seen a tutor myself, and therefore didn’t really know what to expect. Because of this, I was very uncertain as to whether or not this was something that I could do. I think what ultimately helped me to decide was having gone through these content-heavy introductory biology courses, I realized that more importantly than having learned such a vast amount of information, I had gained valuable experience as to how to master the material. How could I not want to share that experience with others?


smarthinking and the importance of examples

I took a look at the Science tutorial on the Smarthinking website, and I noticed some of the strategies we had discussed were being used. Most significantly, I noticed the tutor nearly always formulated a question to help lead the student closer toward the answer. I also noticed the tutor provided encouragement throughout the tutorial and praise at the end when the student reached the answer. At the point where the student does not correctly balance the number of hydrogens, however, I thought the tutor could have waited for the student to figure out it was located in the OH instead of just telling him. This, I feel, would have better cemented the material in the student’s head. Nevertheless, I still feel that overall, if this had been an actual tutoring session, it would have been effective. (more…)

Why I’m tutoring

FOR THE MONEY!$!$ Just kidding.

Similar to Joel, I too have often contemplated having a career as a teacher. I’ve often wondered if I’m capable of explaining material in a comprehensible fashion- I figure now is the time to find out. Also, I’ll be able to find out if teaching is something I’d really enjoy. I have always had a need to help others, but I’m currently at an awkward time in my life where I’m trying to figure out how I can best be of service in the world. To be honest, I don’t even know if I’m going to continue majoring in Biology, but right now I am thinking I will double major in Anthropology and Biology. As for now, I think it will be truly rewarding to help others who have started down the path I started down. This experience will also cement my knowledge of the material in my head which will be beneficial for me in life whether I continue with Biology or not. You may be wondering how it will benefit me to know this material if I don’t stick with my major. Well, I truly believe that because science is all about understanding the physical world we live in, the more one knows about these subjects, the more one can benefit from them in daily life. Hopefully from time to time I will be able to inoculate the students I tutor with the same sentiment. (ha ha, inoculate!)

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