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Categorizing and tagging our ideas (to better search)

Who’s talking about what in our blog?

WordPress blogs allow each of us to put ‘tags’ on each of our posts, categorizing how our ideas connect to bigger themes (categories) in the tutoring and learning we do here at Rollins. We can then pull up postings that relate to this concept or that, from all the messages that all of us post to the blog.

E.g. You read another tutor’s post about doing an online grammar exercise with a student. You comment on it, talking about your last session with your Spanish student, with specific examples. It’s longish. You then have to choose your categories and write some tags:

CATEGORY: second language tutoring (check one or two of these in the list of 15 or so categories) TAGS: grammar, ser vs. estar, Spanish, online exercises, homework, SPN 110 (you write these out as you think of them; they can be very specific)

Here’s a explains categories vs. tags, and over 300 people comment on it.


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