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How to describe ourselves to future tutors/consultants

We are producing a handout with a blurb about each program, and that’s what I’d like your input on… Here’s a draft. What else should we include??? It has to stay short, always hard for moi. CHANGES IN BOLD.
Peer educators at TJ’s: Tutors are specialists who work within their majors or minors with courses they’ve taken and the professors they know teaching them. Tutors help students adjust reflect on their own and others’ learning styles and strategies to better help students adjust to course demands–tests, homework, papers, etc. Writing consultants are generalists, expert readers who talk with writers across the curriculum at any stage of the writing process, from brainstorming a topic to structuring an argument to editing a final draft. Both groups earn academic credit for training courses and pay for time spent helping students. Both groups offer six hours of appointments a week, in a very flexible schedule. Some tutors are busier than others; writing consultants are often booked solid from after mid-terms on.


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