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Learning through Tutoring

I want to share a great experience I’ve made 2 weeks ago. Somebody made an tutor appointment for ECO 203. I called him in order to ask what material he wants to discuss. He said what it was and I assured that I will look into it and prepare myself. However, I realized very fast that I forgot about most of the required material and did not feel comfortable to help him. I thought it would be embarassing to not know anything. So, I called that student and asked him to make another appointment with another tutor, because I would not feel comfortable with the language, cause I am German, and the material. This student would not let go and convinced me for 30 minutes just to try, that maybe I would know more than I thought. So I met with him and we worked together. I taught him what I remembered, but he also taught me. Together we figured out how to do the material. Afterwards, I felt so incredible great and thankful. I thanked him and said that I’ve learned so much. It was definitly one of my best experiences with students in TJ’s. Now I feel comfortable and now that I will always try and see whether it works out.



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