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Why I’m a fan of the three-part forms

Once again, I reflect upon the things that motivate me to work at TJ’s, both as a writing consultant and a Spanish tutor. I guess it’s because of the three-part form, the universal white-yellow-pink comment sheet that is an integral part of daily life at TJ’s. Why would I be a fan of this form, so hard to fill and notorious for not transferring your comments all the way through? I agree, the form can be a pain; for me, it’s what those three pages represent. First is the white sheet, which goes with the student and serves as a reminder of what you’ve covered in an appointment. The students are one reason I work at TJ’s. It’s incredibly rewarding to channel my own academic aptitude to help other students. The next sheet is yellow and goes to the professor, showing what you and the student covered during the appointment. The professors are another reason I tutor–it’s a great opportunity to establish and build relationships with the professors in your department, particularly if you’re majoring or minoring in that field. This aspect is unique to tutoring. Finally, we have the pink sheet, which stays in TJ’s. For me, this is the personal benefit I receive from being a tutor/writing consultant: interaction with other talented, dedicated students and the wonderful staff; reinforcement of my subject (the greatest way to prove mastery is to teach someone else . . .); and the feeling of being a part of a valuable resource. So there you have it. I work here because of that tri-page form. And now you’ll never look at it the same way again!


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