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Medidas (steps) 4 – 8

Step 4 – Identify Thought Processes:
When I think of this step, I’m thinking of two things. First, how the student learns (VARK), and, second, how the teacher presents the material. Truthfully, this step usually comes after the agenda setting. I don’t think it’s bad that it goes in this order, it’s just fits the way I do things. Anyway, it’s really important to consider that one of the reasons the client needs tutoring is because they’re not learning from the class sessions due to differing teaching/learning styles. So, we’ve got to be more adaptable to learning styles than the teachers (which we are because we only deal with one persona at a time.) This can be accomplished by preliminary questioning which ties in with the next step. Good questions revolve around what the specific area of difficulty is, why they feel like they’re not “getting it,” ways that they’ve tried to study, if the textbook is a good resource, if there are supplementary handouts, if it’s a matter of pace, or a number of other topics that will lead into forming the objectives for the session. Once these questions have been asked/answered, it’s time for the tutor to start connecting the dots, grasping the situation at hand, and moving on to step 5.

Step 5 – Set Agenda: (more…)


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