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tutor staff meeting April 1st @5:30

It’s time (actually past time) for another staff meeting.  We’ll meet on April Fools’ Day at 5:30 (no foolin’!  We ARE meeting!) to talk about these things:
Stats from the past…  and from this semester… This will help you new tutors who have to write about this in your journal #3, and is always interesting to see…your department, fall vs. spring, year vs. year, etc..  Remember that there’s a presentation board by the elevator with lots of Excel chart summaries.
Your CRLA levels of certification (hours of tutor training plus hours of tutoring).  Levels I, II, and III (normal, advanced and master). To be finalized at the end of term… but this will give you some sense of where you are.
Personality indicators and tutoring… What are YOU?  I’m an I/E NTP, but not so extreme.  New tutors are assessing themselves on the MyType app. in Facebook and then writing about it for journal #2.  Some have already gotten comments, written in that MBTI code. I want to make sure everyone knows how to go about this, so we’ll spend just a bit of time on this in the meeting.  (See the blog for Keith Rands and my post about our types and tutoring.)
Recruiting for next year, and a revised tutor application: I’m revising the tutor application and need your input on the near final draft…  Your future colleagues and/or replacements will be filling that one out, so your feedback is important.  I also want to make sure I’m right about who’s staying and who’s leaving.
Leadership opportunities for next academic year: Student Assistants in each of the specialty areas: We’ve been given the go-ahead to have a student assistant to help me with training and meetings and some supervision in the four specialties  (quantitative, science, foreign language, and intensive reading and writing).  This will entail an extra 3 hours or so every week, and lots of communication with me and with professors and of course, with fellow tutors in that specialty. I’ll bring a draft of the job description and application.
Adding some other principles to our training and practice as peer tutors:
Educating for personal and social responsibility, and what this means.  There are five dimensions:
  1. striving for excellence
  2. cultivating personal and academic integrity
  3. contributing to a larger community
  4. taking seriously the perspective of others
  5. developing competence in ethical and moral reasoning and action
Those of us who train and supervise you all (in academic and student affairs) have been working on how these can be generalized among all of you 350+ peer educators on campus.  But more important (and what I would like your ideas about) is applying these dimensions to our work in content tutoring: how you tutors can (and already do) reach the top levels of these dimensions, and how far along you can expect to bring your fellow students.
Anything else?  See you then!  Come hungry~

Greetings from St. Louis!

Here I am at the Association for the Tutoring Profession conference at the historic Hyatt Regency, Union Station, in St. Louis, Missouri.  This morning I presented our listening/questioning/learning styles/problem-solving triads module that we do for common training.  Seeing all these tutor trainers trying out the 3 roles and having a great time doing it was very gratifying.   So you all are a hit!!  I encouraged them to get onto this blog and comment…so maybe they will. In a couple of years, the conference will be in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, so maybe we could have a convoy up I-95?  See you on Thursday when I return to work.  No meeting on Wednesday.  Keep up the good work!!  Your ears should be burning b/c I’m talking about you all the time.  

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