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Journal 4: self-evaluation

The first thing that can be done to shorten the Greensboro evaluation form is to combine attitude and approachability. This category would assess the extent to which the tutor is enthusiastic about the material and allows for an open and friendly environment. I also think that attendance can be taken out for our purposes, because we often see a client once and they would only have one session on which to base their assessment. I also think that modeling and learning skills can be combined into one category that asks the student to evaluate the level of instruction, whether they helped with time management skills etc., and the extent to which they explained why certain information sources were used in what contexts. I also think that a confidence measure should be added. This measure would ask the client how much more confident they feel about the material after the session, and whether they would come back to this tutor again.

Processing time:

This is one area where I need a little improvement. I often found myself interrupting clients to make another point, or getting carried away with talking and not letting them talk enough. This is particularly easy to do in courses where there is a lot of explanation required. In the future, I will try to make sure that they have enough time to think. If they get an answer wrong, I do usually tell them to try again and give them a hint, rather than just telling them the correct answer—which allows them to have more time to sort out their thoughts and use resources to find the correct answer.

Verifies Knowledge:

I’m generally good at making sure clients understand a topic before moving on to something else. I also try to get them to apply that concept to an overarching theme to see how much they really understand the significance of that particular idea or theory. At the end of sessions, I try to go back and ask them to explain back to me the concepts that they were having the most trouble with.

Fosters Independence:

I’m generally good about making sure that the client dictates the pace and course of the session. This becomes more difficult if the client does not come with specific questions, and asks for help on an entire chapter or chapters. This makes it difficult to really understand what they want out of the session, and in the future I should try harder to confirm that what we are doing is what they came for


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