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Intentions and methods

I respected TJs after my first few visits, but now realize it’s an invaluable resource…or one that can be valued comparatively with the Rollins tuition. Taken that we have a great teaching staff, there are some people who don’t necessarily learn everything that they need to inside the classroom. Whether it be a result of pace, style or material, some kids walk out of the class without knowing what they should. That’s a pretty strenuous situation for a serious student. Roughly, they’re left with two options after not understanding a class/homework assignment: try and teach themselves, or look to someone else for help. Teaching one’s self can be timely and less effective than the alternative. However, our honor code standing as is, there can be complications involved in the latter option–except at TJ’s. (more…)


I always come back to TJ’s….

…..because I simply like to tutor other students. Another reason is that the atmosphere in TJ’s is always very inviting. Everybody is so nice and caring. My personal gain at TJ’s is very important too. Since I am an international student I am able to enhance my language skills and also refine or deepen my cultural awareness. I tutor now the 4th semester and I added to MAT 103 also ECON courses, so tutoring will always be something different. That is another great thing about tutoring. Tutors can change their schedule and make it more exciting. I am very happy to be able to tutor another semester and I look forward to work with many different students. Cu you guys

Welcome to our world of tutoring at TJ’s, Rollins College

This blog is another way instead of Blackboard for tutors at TJ’s (our student resource center at Rollins College) to communicate with one another…and with the whole world, perhaps. I thought I should get a start on it before this year ends, since this was one of the suggestions that fall ’07 tutors deemed interesting. Goodbye 2007! Welcome to spring term 2008 at Rollins, everyone!

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